from the office of the dean


Nov. 27th, 2020


The experiment...

Un Sacrificium Parvis ob Adagnitio.

The University of Derleth is an institution. The University of Derleth does not exist.

The buildings of Derleth are imposing gothic structures, part cathedral and part castle. Derleth as an institution once prided itself on rediscovering lost knowledge, attracting only the brightest and most inquisitive minds. That was before the experiment. The professors, administrators and students— all long gone, all victims of the experiment— have left barely a trace at all.

Yet the experiment, pulsing in and out of time and space, continues. It's a rather ingenious design more than likely a result of madness, perhaps. But madness and greatness have always been close bedfellows. Each week the experiment starts again. Each week, sometimes different than the last except when it returns to the control.

You're little more than an insect to the experiment. Swept in mostly by accident, and now unable to leave. My dearest friend, indeed.

You have, perhaps, a briefcase or rucksack with you, the sort of thing you might have brought to visit a great campus like this. The moment you locate your phone, it buzzes: one new voice message. You listen, but don't recognize the voice that states:

My dearest friend,
welcome to Derleth.

OOC Note...

[info]noexits is a panfandom+ game. The university, similarly to a TARDIS, will travel to different worlds each week in character. Out of character, game wide plot changes every two weeks and will span multiple genres and fandoms, including occasional horror elements.